6 Reasons US Companies Should Hire Remote LATAM Talent

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Hiring in the Philippines is dead.

LATAM hiring is the future.

The 6 biggest reasons:

1. Timezone

The biggest difference.

LATAM is just south of the US.

Argentina & Brazil are one hour apart from New York.

Filipinos say they are ok staying up all night working our time zone, but it takes a toll. They sacrifice sleep, and their work and life quality suffer.

2. Climate

The Philippines has extreme weather. Severe rains with floods knock out the internet and prevent them from working.

LATAM has a temperate climate and fast internet.

This also lets them make some great wine.

3. Skillsets

Filipinos are great for virtual assistant work and more junior roles.

LATAM is great from VAs to executives. They have talent in marketing, finance, accounting, ops, tech talent, admin and more.

4. Cost

The Philippines is incredibly cheap. <$1,000 / month for a great hire.

LATAM is only around 10-20% more expensive.

It's worth it to pay a little more to get a great hire in your timezone. It's still up to 70% cheaper than the US.

5. Personality

Filipinos generally are very non-confrontational. They can be skittish and shy.

LATAM is more similar to a local hire. They proactively bring you issues and aren't afraid to discuss them.

6. English

Filipinos and LATAM can both have near-flawless written and spoken English.

A LATAM accent is pleasant and not uncommon to find in the US.

They seem more American on customer calls.

TLDR Why US Companies Should Hire Remote LATAM Talent

- Timezone

- Climate

- Skillsets

- Cost

- Personality

- English

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