Andrew Huberman's Daily Routine - Diet, Exercise, & Sleep

How Andrew optimizes his day for focus, productivity, and sleep.

Table of Contents

Andrew Huberman is the #1 health scientist.

I’ve listened to 100+ hours of his podcast and interviews.

His 7-steps for a long healthy life:

Morning Sun

Get sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning every day.

  • No sunglasses
  • 20-30 minutes is ideal
  • Glasses / contacts fine
  • Windows filter too much
  • Artificial light if up before sunrise

Light wakes up your body & sets a timer for great sleep later.

Delay Coffee

Delay caffeine consumption for 90-120 minutes after waking.

If you drink it too early, it screws up your body's normal wake cycle. This causes an afternoon crash.

No caffeine 10-12 hours before bed.


"Every 24 hours, we need to re-up exercise."

Weight training - 3 days

Cardio - 3 days

Sauna & cold cycle - 1 day

80% of cardio in zone 2 (be able to talk)

Sunday (rest) he tries to be outside and walk / hike as much as possible.


Avoid all processed foods.

Fast until noon. 16 hours daily.

Lunch - Protein-heavy with vegetables. Avoid carbs for mental clarity.

Snack - nuts or protein shake

Dinner - Protein, veggies, and some carbs to aid sleep.

5-30 min walk outside after each meal.

Deep Work

"Get into a tunnel of quality work."

  • Fasting improves ability to focus
  • Keep eyes at eye level or above
  • Begin 2-4 hours after waking
  • Avoid bathroom breaks
  • Focus for 90 minutes
  • Sit or stand upright
  • Avoid distractions

Evening Routine

Get sunset sunlight for 5-30 minutes to keep your melatonin rhythm.

Dim lights and keep them at eye level or below. Change to red bulbs.

Take a hot shower / bath or use sauna. The heat helps your body cool off better and transition to sleep.


"Don't ask how people are doing. Ask how they're sleeping."

  • Cool dark room
  • Get your morning sun
  • Same bedtime every day
  • Avoid bright & overhead lights at night
  • Heat exposure to aid transition to sleep

Sleep better to function better.