7 Surprising Latin American Hiring Tips From 1,000+ Interviews

What we've learned from 1,000 Latin American interivews

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We've interviewed 1,000+ Latin Americans at Jules.

7 things you need to know before hiring there:

1. Test English First

Filter for great spoken and written English first.

English doesn't really improve with time.

You can do this with voice recordings or in the interview.

Many have flawless English.

2. US Work Experience

Look for folks that have done what you want them to do in the past.

Ideally, for another US company that took the time to train them.

Many Fortune 500 companies have had large teams in Latin America for decades.

3. Internet Speeds

Most of Latin America has fast and stable internet. Unlike the Philippines.

But not all countries are created equal.

Have them send over the result from a speed test.

If they have internet issues with an interview, it is unlikely to get better.

4. Job History

Do they have a history of sticking around at companies for a few years?

Have they been promoted within the same company?

All those are good signs that they'll stick around and do a job for you.

Avoid job-hoppers.

5. Culture Fit

Latin America is much closer culturally to the US.

They will proactively bring your problems instead of hiding from confrontation like other parts of the world.

You should get a feel for this in the first interview.

6. Understand Their Goals

Many just want the stability of working for a great US company.

Getting paid in USD, for 3-5x the average local wage, and without a commute is a dream job for most people.

Treat them like any other employee and invest in their success.

7. Sourcing is Hard

There isn't one marketplace to go like onlinejobs in the Philippines.

You really need recruiters on the ground to recruit in Latin America.

We do all the work by sourcing and vetting for you at Jules.

It's no cost to interview pre-vetted candidates. Book a free consult here.

TLDR on hiring in Latin America:

1. Test English first

2. US work experience

3. Internet speeds

4. Job history

5. Culture fit

6. Understand goals

7. Sourcing is hard