How to Build a Culture of Accountability in Your Remote Team

Everything we use to build accountability in our remote teams without invasive monitoring.

Table of Contents

Remote work is great for a pure performance culture.

Ruthless accountability weeds out the poor performers. It's easy to build with the right tools.

Here's how we do it:

Skip the Invasive Monitoring

Computer screen tracking software exists, but I don't recommend it.

Track projects, not screen time.

I just trust people to do their work and get rid of them if the trust is broken.

Manage to KPIs

What's the most impactful thing that role should be doing for the company?

1. Set specific and measurable goals

2. Put a name next to a KPI

3. Review progress

What gets measured gets managed.

The book ​Traction / EOS is a great place to start for implementing an operating system in your company. ​Scaling People​ from the COO of Stripe is also a great practical book on the topic.

Daily Standups

The one thing we do for accountability is a daily standup in Slack. We have a channel for this.

The standard format is:

• What did you accomplish today

• What will you accomplish tomorrow

• Any blockers / questions / shout-outs

Time Trackers

Some folks use time trackers for their standups. It makes it easier. Completely optional.

Some popular ones:

- Toggle track


- Clockify

TLDR on Remote Work Management

- Skip the invasive monitoring

- Give KPIs and goals

- Review the progress

- Daily standups

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