How Double Your Software Business with Services & Unlock Hidden Profits

The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Software Company with High-Value Services

Table of Contents

You can double your software business with services.

It is easier than it sounds.

How to do it...

Why Services?

Customers want more work done for them by the people they already trust.

Easy revenue. Services are easier to sell and easier to sell at higher prices than software.

You can automate more with the product over time if they work.

Here's our process:

What to Offer

Find & define the unmet needs of your best (top 10%) customers.

It is best if you can directly connect the service to increased revenue.

For us, we know the best practices to grow pet care businesses, and we can implement them across our customers.

Price Before Product

Have the uncomfortable willingness to pay talk.

- Would you pay for this?

- What's an acceptable price?

- What's expensive?

- What's prohibitively expensive?

The expensive price is usually the right one.

Then design the offer around the price.

Find Design Partners

Find customers to be your guinea pig.

Offer them a discount and input in exchange for feedback and a future testimonial.

Have a contract in place. Build the offering together.

Fulfill With Remote Talent

So who is going to do all this work? Not you.

Use Jules to find and hire amazing top 1% Latin American talent for about 80% less than the US.

You're missing out if you haven't hired there yet.

Same timezone. Same culture. Great value.

Get Testimonials

Use the success with the first customers to sell results (not features) to more customers.

Build marketing materials from your relationship with the design partners.

Get case studies to show business outcomes and videos to show emotion.

Then scale.


Now that you have a defined offer, price, and social proof, you are ready to scale.

Go back to the rest of your software customers and make the offer.

The testimonials and slamdunk offer should make this easy.

Enjoy that sweet extra revenue.

TLDR Launching Services as a SaaS:

1. Define the unmet need

2. Price before product

3. Find design partners

4. Fulfill with remote talent

5. Get testimonials

6. Scale

Check out Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around the Price by Madhavan Ramanujam for more.