Launch a Podcast. Own an Industry: Step-by-Step Guide

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Starting a podcast is the best way to establish yourself in a new industry.  

Here are the steps to do it…

Get Guests  

Come up with a list of dream guests/customers to interview.  

Cold email lower level ones. They’ll be flattered.  

Ask initial guests for referrals to future guests.  Level up the quality of guests as you progress.  

Getting big names is easier than you think.

Basic Tools  

  • Mic - ATR2100x ($99) + a windscreen is the best budget mic. Works with USB and XLR. Shure MV7 ($250) is the best USB mic and what I use.
  • Recording - Squadcast ($20/m) is the best for remote interviews now. Zoom local recording is also great and stable.
  • Hosting - Transistor ($19/m) is my favorite by far. Way easier to use than other hosts (fun fact: started out of the cards against humanity office).
  • Show notes - Webflow is best for SEO
  • Editing - Descript is my favorite. Many use GarageBand (free)  
  • Promotion - Twitter (free) & Mailchimp (free)

Build an Audience

Turn each episode into a:

  • blog post
  • social media post  
  • an email  

Share exclusive content on email to get people to join your newsletter.

Grow Your Podcast


After a year, you’ll be connected to everyone you could want to know and be synonymous with your industry.

Once you have an audience, you can sell to them.  

Distribution is an asset that you can build a business on.


Harry Stebbings did this with the 20 Minute VC.

I did this with Tech In Chicago.

We are doing it now in the RPA and automation space with the Formulated Podcast.

For more detailed instructions, get my course and guidebook on Marketing for Podcasters.