Will ChatGPT Kill Software Companies?


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ChatGPT will disrupt a lot of software.

7 ways to use it to your advantage:

Skip the AI-Focused Apps

It's a false gold rush.

AI apps are a feature, not a product.

OpenAI will keep most of the value.

Incumbent apps will quickly add AI.

Instead, use AI to supercharge your work.

Smaller Teams

Huge development teams are a thing of the past. Skip them.

AI-assisted dev teams can ship significantly more and better products.

Go with a lean super productive team.

More Ambition

Supercharged developers can tackle bigger projects.

Don't like Gumroad's price increase? Build a competitor for 1/100th the cost and charge 1/10th the cost.

Hate something about Intercom? Compete with them.

Incumbents are more vulnerable than ever.

Goodbye VC

Without the need for huge dev teams, you can bootstrap much larger projects.

A small round to get off the ground and then AI-assisted teams can take down huge incumbents.

The next group of IPO-ready startups will skip the dilutive extra rounds of venture capital.

Test More MVPs

No code made testing prototypes faster.

ChatGPT makes testing even code-heavy projects fast.

One developer can now build 10x more with AI's help.

Better Writing

ChatGPT is the perfect writing buddy.

- Landing pages

- Lead magnets

- Copywriting

- Blog posts

- Emails

- Ads

Use AI to take your writing to the next level.

Amazing Customer Service

AI will be able to handle most customer support requests fully.

The need for a big team of CS people will drop.

Fully built-out help docs will be trivial to produce.

TLDR AI's Impact on Software

- Skip the AI-Focused Apps

- Test More MVPs

- More Ambition

- Smaller Teams

- Better Writing

- Goodbye VC

What do you think AI's impact on software will be? Are these right or wrong?