Dan Frommer on Apple SIM’s potential:

Imagine booting up your iPhone for the first time and seeing four competing offers for your business from different operators—with short or no contract duration. Or an even deeper integration where Apple bills you as a virtual operator and constantly shops for the cheapest connection—perfect for those who travel overseas frequently.

This would be a game changer if Apple SIM is brought to the next iPhones. In Madrid AT&T was charging me $1.5/minute to talk to and something like $1/Mb for data so I barely used my phone at all. Being able to use my phone normally abroad without the hassle of figuring the local wireless marketing would be unbelievably nice. 

Obviously the wireless companies are not going to love this but Apple has been consistently eroding their power since the first iPhone launch. 

Texts are free now. App/Internet usage is unrestricted. International rates are the next to fall. 

Motorola makes the same case for the Hint that Jawbone does for the latest Era, saying that Google Now and voice search have revived the power of talking to your phone. Yet there’s no getting around the Bluetooth headset stigma, so Motorola did its best to make it look like you’re not wearing one. Or wearing anything at all. The Hint is about the size of a peanut, and nestles entirely in your ear; it looks astonishingly like the earpiece Joaquin Phoenix’s character wears throughout Her, a fact that’s not lost on anyone at Motorola. And the intention is very much the same: you’re not meant to put it in and take it out, but to wear it all the time.

It’s looking more and more like Her was an accurate depiction of 2025. This aural interface holds more potential than Google Glass’s visual one to me. It is much less intrusive.